Captivating Curls

I’ve been getting SO many compliments/questions on my hair over the last few months that I decided to make a post about it again! Here I’ll be talking to you about one of my favorite and most admired looks.

My crochet journey began almost a year ago and since then I’ve tried two different hair textures.

The second and my most recent style is the wand curl. I first tried this look for my brother’s graduation last May. I wanted to still keep the natural look while appearing more formal. The curls are as defined as if I wanded it myself before leaving the house. But what I love the most about it is the fact that it came already pre-curled so I was able to dodge the hot water and perm rods that would have probably been needed in order to get this look. 
So far I would say that my favorite out of the two is the wand curl. I love how it bounces when you walk or move your head lol. But a downer is that you’ll go from looking like an adult to looking like a little girl really quick. 😁
But if you have any more questions definitely leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
By the way, the hair featured in the picture at the very top is the wand curl. The brand is by FreeTress. 
Talk to y’all later! 

Staying Motivated 

Have you ever felt physically fatigued from the thoughts in your mind? It’s like a never ending highway of ideas which sometimes get bombarded with road blocks called fear. You think things through until you’re too tired to think and then you start thinking again because the thought of not fully reaching your potential scares you more than your thoughts tire you out.

I know it’s not easy to motivate yourself after getting burnt out but we have to. Until we’re able to live the life we’ve always dreamed of… the hustle never stops. Each and everyday is another opportunity to pursue your goals. God gives us a fresh batch of grace every morning. His strength is made perfect in our weakness so we must never try to do it all alone.

One way I try to combat mental weariness is by identifying the problem. I first try to identify what I’m currently feeling and what started making me feel this way. For example, I currently don’t feel like doing anything. So now I have to really sit down and ask myself “why”. Why is figuring out what to write next so taskful. Why do I feel like this is all a waste of time? Why am I not getting excited about what has yet to come?

My next step would be to pray about it. I clear my mind in attempts to better be able to hear God. I then begin to ask God to help me better understand what is going on. I begin to pray about all the things that are on my heart and I pray against the spirit of procrastination and unproductivity. I then remember that with God all things are possible. I realize that I started losing interest when I started feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes the pressures of this world can taint your dream to the point where you don’t even want it anymore, but that’s when we have to remember that we were given this dream for a reason. We did not wake up one day deciding to give one hundred percent to do this or that, especially if we don’t really have to. 

By this time I’m pretty much already motivated. In fact as I write this, the fire that was once going out is re-kindling. I begin to think of all the people who’ve done what I want to do. I begin to think of all the people who currently enjoy their job and who wake up in anticipation of what the day holds.  I begin to clearly and vividly see myself living the life that once appeared to be only a dream. Then God reminds me of how much these people probably had to struggle to get to where they are now. How many doors slammed in their face before they finally walked through the right one. How many unexpected pot holes did they have to get themselves out of just to keep on the road that they were previously on. How many people did they meet that said their dream would only be a dream. 

As you read this remember that the place you’re working at right now started as a dream. The clothes you’re wearing right now started as a dream. The social media that you get on everyday when you have down time started as a dream. So find out what motivates you and keep it in your forefront. Don’t ever let an unproductive day go by because you just weren’t feeling it. Even the rest you get on your most lazy days is being used in God’s overall plan for your life. When life gets you in a rut, maneuver your way out of it. How you do it now, is up to you.

Baby It’s Cold Outside 

I really do appreciate the cool weather that we get sometimes. Even though it’s not consistent, it really is refreshing. You know what, sometimes the most valuable way to recharge and become more efficient is taking time to refresh your mind and body. Just like a cool breeze across your cheek can awaken you, some time off can really soothe your spirit.

This yellow sweater definitely does that for me. The color brightens up my mood and the texture feeds my hunger for comfort in regards to the clothes I wear.

Like always, you can never go wrong with including accessories for the purpose of taking a normal everyday outfit to another level. There’s something about this vintage looking bag that makes this sweater and legging combo look a lot more jazzy.

Throw on some dressy shoes for a more put together affect. You really don’t have to try much when it comes to being stylish, the key is to have those pieces that pretty much do the work for you. 😁

Don’t forget about your statement pieces. Everyone woman should have a statement necklace for the days where they don’t feel like putting much effort into how they look. Whether it’s a plain tee or a graphic tee, a necklace like this can fool the world into thinking you know what you’re doing lol!

I’m all, this shoot definitely helped me realize how amazing creation can look behind a lense. Although it’s great to marvel at the grandness that is life, we must never forget to first acknowledge the creator and the love He put into all of this! He is the reason why we have all that we have. 
Outfit Details 

Sweater: Forever 21

Blue top: Forever 21

Leggings: Forever 21

Peep Toe Booties : Shoe Deal

Bag : borrowed from a friend

Necklace: H&M

Shades: Forever 21

Post Grad Chit Chat : When the graduation high ends.

As the clock runs out on your collegiate career, a whirlwind of emotions begin to rise from within you. You think of all the memories you’ve made with the few friends you’ve managed to meet along the way. You laugh at all the L’s you took forcing moves that did not need to be made. You’re hopefully looking into the future at all the opportunities that awaits you. The time comes, dinner reservations have been arranged, your outfit has finally come together, your cap is gleaming from all the work you put into it, family is in town and you can’t help but anticipate the stage that awaits you. The day has come! Your future is almost here, but wait,  you’ve failed to learn about the responsibilities that awaits you. Continue reading