Nu Cafe | SLTRestaurantTour

Can you believe this is shaved ice???  Who thinks of creating deserts like this? I was skeptical about this because of its odd appearance and potentially odd texture. Fortunately, my assumptions proved to be false. I definitely recommend trying this place and here’s why! Continue reading “Nu Cafe | SLTRestaurantTour”

Beverly Hills

Can someone take me to Beverly Hills please?! This area looked very similar to some parts of California. The palm trees, sunshine and lavish cars had me in a daze! I thought to myself, “so this is how it feels like to have good things”? You’d be surprised at how how aesthetically different some areas in Houston are from each other.  Continue reading “Beverly Hills”

The Palm Life 

It’s barely mid June and the heat has already declared war on my makeup. My shirt however takes me to a better place. It makes me feel as if I’m on vacation on a cool beach somewhere. Not only is it very vibrant and trendy, but it was also purchased at a very reasonable price. And you won’t believe where I found these shorts!  Continue reading “The Palm Life “

Return of the Puff

In all honesty, it’s ok to release your inner naturalista. For years I’ve shied away from natural looks or even wearing my hair out in any kind of way, but enough is enough. Yes we might have that one hairstyle that kills every time but that doesn’t mean we should be bound to it. I had to learn to embrace what God gave me. And in a way, it freed me.  Continue reading “Return of the Puff”

Cloudy Mornings 

It’s a beautiful day to… fake it till you make it lol. The weather definitely threatened to ruin my pictures but thankfully God has the final say. As soon as we got out of the car, the dark clouds started to creep away allowing the sun and all its glory to shine down on my first shoot in months.  Continue reading “Cloudy Mornings “

Fashionable AND Affordable | #Shades

Where do you get your shades from?? If you’re like me than you get them from every and anywhere! But guess what, chic sunnies are easier to access now than ever before! You don’t have to break the bank in order to rock the latest trends and here’s why. Continue reading “Fashionable AND Affordable | #Shades”

Everything Everything | #MovieReview

To begin, I’m a huge fan of love stories. But I’m a bigger fan of love stories with plot twists! The love that was shared between these two young adults was absolutely beautiful. It was somewhat whimsical. It re-awoken the hopeless romantic in me and here’s why. Continue reading “Everything Everything | #MovieReview”

Red Florals 🌺

When life treats you right, all you can do is smile. Now it seems like the joy from within is literally spewing out because I keep seeing God’s goodness. Constant reminders of His existence has forced me to stop worrying about tomorrow because it’s really not for me to worry about. Continue reading “Red Florals 🌺”